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You may link to this website with the purpose of exposing the constitutuional rights violations and truth behind the International Marriage Act.

Congress sabotages international marriage, romance for vets!!!
Dave Root, Damascus

While we weren't looking Congress along with some extreme feminist groups used the "backdoor" to strip you of your right to choose whom you wish to date and marry by implementing the International Marriage Regulation Act (IMBRA). The new law severely limits a man's ability to date and marry a latin bride and a asian bride plus a russian bride. These "International marriages" have much lower divorce rates than the 50 percent average for all US citizens.

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"Our data shows international marriages have a 90% success rate, INS says its closer to 80%.  Do you trust your government? Congress Passes Hate Law to keep out foreign women. From Special Interest Groups to Lies and Racism, IMBRA has something for all Americans to be ashamed of."
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On January 05, 2006, President Bush signed into law the "International Marriage Regulation Act of 2005", H.R. 3402, P.L. 109-162.

This law was attached to the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005 up for renewal (passed by House and Senate). No public hearings were conducted, or any witnesses questioned. There was no statistical evidence submitted regarding International marriages, subsequent divorces or incidences of domestic violence. In fact, all informal studies suggest that inter-cultural couples enjoy a divorce rate percentage much smaller than the national domestic rate of 50%. More discussion will certainly result from this as individuals learn of this law's enactment.

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International marriage regulation act of 2005 h.r. 3402